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DEM ATLAS: Grbge Trsh (2016) Free download

Grbge Trsh Dem AtlasRhymesayers’ secret weapon, Dem Atlas, is all set to drop an LP of original lyrical material over previously released DOOM beats. What to call that though? MF Dem? Yeah, that’ll work. On Grbge Trash, Atlas goes in on an autobiographical tip over a DOOM beat so ancient a version of it opened KMD’s 1993-produced Black Bastards. But then that actually means something funky and upbeat

SIFU HOTMAN: Embrace The Sun (2014)

Embrace The Sun Sifu HotmanIntroducing Sifu Hotman – not the martial arts master and full time fanny magnet (or pussy magnet if you’re across the pond) that the name might imply but the coming together of rappers Guante and Rhymesayers-signing Dem Atlas with producer Rube. The trio’s debut LP is called Embrace The Sun by name and phat uptempo hip-hop with lyrics that once upon a time

DEM ATLAS: Charle Brwn EP (2013) Free download

In these days of declining sales in recorded music, with myriad ways of circumnavigating actually paying for digital music (editing a music blog for example) and the rise of the internet leading to a proliferation of rappers making and marketing their own music, record companies like Rhymesayers need to really hear something in an aspiring artist’s music. In the case of Dem Atlas that seems to be