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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Hip To The Remix (2012)

On which Renegades Of Jazz continues his mission to reclaim use of the word ‘hip’ to mean ‘rather well-informed about and appreciative of’ from its association with a certain eighties yuppie pop anthem. But that’s enough about Huey Lewis – let’s skip to the news which is that Renegades Of Jazz’s superb Hip To The Jive album has been remixed as Hip To The Remix. Yep, all twelve

MASH & MUNKEE: We Like It Like That (2012)

Mash & Munkee finally make good on the promise of those Hero Records and Funk Weapons singles with their twelve track debut LP We Like It Like That. But what exactly is ‘that’ you ask? Judging by the content it’s hundred per cent proof by volume b-boy instrumentals. Expect lots of jazz and blaxploitation-influenced grooves that sound like they’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time in