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MADISON WASHINGTON: Baytrified/ Djedet + video

MADISON WASHINGTON:  Baytrified/ Djedet + videoThe JTHOTEC-featuring Baytrified finds thatmanmunkz switching from his Pan Amsterdam project with Leron Thomas back to his other going hip-hop concern, Madison Washington, with Bay Area native Malik Ameer as MC. And with a name like Baytrified – what else was it going to be but a celebration of Ameer’s beloved Bay Area? Except hold on – what’s this? “The Bay ain’t the bay no

PAN AMSTERDAM: The Pocket Watch

PAN AMSTERDAM:  The Pocket WatchRating: ★★★★★ And now, after two singles (Plus One and The Lotion Song) destined for classic status once the word on Pan Amsterdam reaches critical mass, comes the debut album Pocket Watch – also destined for classic status. Why? Simple – the combo of lushly mellow, jazz-laced hip-hop beats from producer thatmanmunkz and Leron Thomas’ lazy drawl as he delivers bars of effortless wry humour and

MADISON WASHINGTON: ‘Facts’ video premiere

MADISON WASHINGTON:  'Facts' video premiereProducer thatmanmonkz’ other hip-hop project apart from Pan Amsterdam is, of course, Madison Washington, along with rapper Malik, and the duo return today with a new single, Facts. Actually, more strictly speaking, it’s ((((Facts)))) but either way, there’s an accompanying video in in which they take a hefty swipe at the man. Well, it’s not like he doesn’t deserve it. And so it is that Malik spits venom over relentless rock guitar-laced boom-bap

PAN AMSTERDAM: The Lotion Song

PAN AMSTERDAM:  The Lotion SongRating: ★★★★★ Mere weeks after genius debut single Plus One has dropped and Pan Amsterdam (a.k.a Leron Thomas and thatmanmunkz) are at it again inviting you to smear your ears with lyrical lanolin in the form of new single The Lotion Song. Good grief – another five stars already? Nothing to with the monkey – it’s the beats and the rhymes stupid! ‘Munkz provides a more upbeat but equally

PAN AMSTERDAM: Plus One video

PAN AMSTERDAM:  Plus One videoRating: ★★★★★ Who exactly is Pan Amsterdam? The smooth samples, the laidback lyrical delivery – half stream-of-consciousness/ half tongue-in-cheek lyrics – and the hijacking of an old Alexander O’Neal video for new single Plus One reveal a wry sense of humour possessed by the likes of both Messrs Daniel Dumile and Kool Keith Thornton. Surely there can’t be a third such