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THE REBEL, DEDY DREAD, KEILA ABEID, MO’ HORIZONS: Quero Ver Você Dançar (Vinyl 12Four Flies Records’ DJ’s Choice imprint, embarks on a new series of vinyl 12″s exploring music that promises to encompass nu-soul, tropical funk and hip-hop with first release Quero Ver Você Dançar.  Combining the production talents of Rome’s The Rebel DJ and Portugal’s Dedy Dread with the voice of Brazilian jazz chantuese Keila Abeid, the track is a sinuous tropical groove designed to awaken

DEDY DREAD feat. OLIVIA RUFF: Don’t Wanna Wake Up (Vinyl 7″)

“Don’t Wanna Wake,” up sings Olivia Ruff on the new vinyl 7″ from Dedy Dread. I know how you feel mate, the country’s been hijacked by hedge fund managers and their far-right attack dogs, it’s barely stopped raining since September and I tore a nail last night, closing my laptop. Thinking about it, that’s precisely the sort of mood requiring a slice of alt. R&B featuring the soothing tones of


Resense 040 Dedy Dread Panama CardoonIt’ll be all-star party breaks action from a certain mighty edits label very shortly when they drop double slice of latin breaks – Resense 040. On A-side Mambo Perez, Dedy Dread and occasional cohort DJ Rebel indulge in Cuban fury of the kind to prompt much dancefloor parading (or even Prado-ing) while on the flip Panama Cardoon hooks up

DEDY DREAD & DJ REBEL: Trip To Brasil (2014) Free download

Trip To Brazil Dedy Dred DJ RebelDedy Dred and DJ Rebel take a trip to remix land here with a subtle and respectful Trip To Brasil reboot of Luiz Henrique’s mellow 60s ‘bossa moderna’ A Trip To Brasil that tweaks the beat enough to elicit a shimmy from the modern latin breaks fan. Just the beat though. Obviously if they were to update the lyrical content as well, traditional Brazilian delights such as beach strolls

VARIOUS: Carnibal Records 001(2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
I may have said this before but I’ve got a playlist on my iTunes called “When this is full enough get Serato.’’ It’s not full yet but this is definitely going to boost the numbers since every track on here is going on it. Why? Because everyone involved on this four-track collection of Latin breaks has produced such a banger this is essentially a miniature digital carnival. Or even carnibal

CHART – AUG. 2010

1. (NEW) Leisure Allstars feat. Lady Chann – Friday Night (Mr Benn ‘Saturday Morning’ retox)
Dutty-skankin’ remix of the Allstars/ Chann cut.

2. (1) Mr Benn – Police (Magic Fly remix)
Rude skanking remix of the lairy A side riddim.

3. (NEW) Hell Rell & JR Writer & Juelz Santana & Jim Jones & 40 Cal – Dipset Symphony
Dipset ditch Cam’ron for ‘Too Hard To Handle’-sampling boom-bap banger.

4. (NEW) Ewan Hoozami – Drinking Song
Huge funky scattershot beats and big, big horns.

5. (3) Boca 45 – Bottles In The Air
Reverb heavy floor filler.

6. (NEW) Mark Ronson & The Business Intnl – Bang, Bang, Bang
Give in to it and get your eighties-crossed-with-your-21st century-breaks on.
ListenRead Review…

7. (6) Smov & Dedy Dread – No Diggin
Sixties Motown/ Bossa beat-crosser Black Street refix.

8. (NEW) Recordkingz feat. Joell Ortiz – Take A Walk With Me
Latest prime cut from last year’s superb LP.

9. (NEW) Protoman & Bleubird – Guns Don’t Kill People (Florida Does)
The ‘gunshine state’ gets rinsed boom-bap style.

10. (2) Orgone – The Last Fool
Full funk flames. First track on new LP.

SMOV & DEDY DREAD/ FUNKTOMAS: No Diggin (+video) / Shake Shot – Wack Records W10

Christ! Wack 09 was only out five minutes ago and now here’s this summer nugget already. No Diggin is yet another refix of Black Street’s No Diggity and I gather that Lisbon producer Dedy Dread engendered this fresh mid-sixties Motown versus Bossa beat-crosser and then passed it to Newcastle-based beat-head Smov a.k.a Smoove – to play around with too. You might have thought that the prolific Smoove would have enough beats already to make Dedy’s trans-European manoeuvre a bit like taking coals to Newcastle (see what I did there?) but apparently not. The result is the product of some quite abandoned genre-splicing – a practice which can be a bit like drunk people making ‘cocktails’ out of leftovers at a party: it’s either a murky abortion or an exotically fruity marvel. This is the latter – no diggity. The fun doesn’t end there though, for who should turn up on the flip but Funktomas with Shake Shot, a beefy slice of Sly Stone sampling super disco breaks. Out on limited 7”…soon. Snooze and you lose! Press release beneath vid:

A track that was originally born in Lisbon (Portugal) by Dedy Dread and transported through space landing on Newcastle (U.K) soil to be treated with the unmistakable drum hellish sound of smov. The final result being this crazy ass shaking bossa funk rockabilly jazz dance bomb!

Hailing from Hamburg Germany Funktomas drops a some what classic B Boy anthem “Shack Up” over some old skool flavour female chants creating a simple but very effective banger!… I bet you cant put one of these in your turntable without droppin into the catapillar?

Listen to SMOV & Dedy Dread – No Diggin’

Wack Records – Myspace


Another Wack release. That’s ‘Wack’ not ‘wack’, obviously, as the label proffer two sun-drenched offerings to nice-up your freezing-ass Christmas holiday with some irie feeling. Both cuts travel a relatively clean-sounding upbeat skankin route – no Studio One antics here – which might appeal to the heads but will certainly have Balearic-leaning dancefloors gagging to don their skimpy Speedos, switch on the foam machine and do a live sex show. Or whatever goes on in those Majorcan clubs.
Dedy Dread & DJ Rebel -Turn You On (Smoove Retouch)
The weather is always warm when it comes to the laidback Portuguese and Italian duo Dedy Dread & DJ Rebel. Positive reggae sunshine and warm soul mashed into sweet club tactics. Mediterranean vibes from a Killer Ken Booth cut sweetened up with some acapella goodness that is sure to leave the dance floor begging for more. Turning you, me, and every one….ON!
DJ Andy Taylor – Jah Mambo
Andy comes from Lochwinnoch, which is the illest wetland reserve (RSPB) this side of Glasgow. He regularly makes the trek across the swamp (el pantano) to Glasgow where he shocks and impresses the crowds by not playing electro. Instead he rinses his usual collection of funk, soul, Latin, breaks and beats.
Jah Mambo is a fresh mashup of all of the above on a spiritual Rastafarian tip. All cut up with live performances courtesy of the man himself. Direct from the swamp it’s guaranteed move the floor.

Listen to DEDY DREAD & DJ REBEL/ DJ ANDY TAYLOR: Turn You On/ Jah Mambo

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