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HARDLY SUBTLE: ‘Dub Of The Bay/ Stop Me Like This’ 7″/ Burning Starlight free download (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Hello – it’s the Hardly Subtle crew of Aldo Vanucci and Dave Remix coming up trumps again with three flavours of effortless reggae fyah. Two of these are available in seven inch format: Otis’s Dock Of The Bay flipped vintage reggae style as Dub Of The Bay and Stop Me Like This. There’s no need to stop me if you think you’ve heard that second one before by the way – you almost

VARIOUS: Bulabeats Four Zero (BB0040) (2012)

For many, reaching forty means a flabby gut, spending money you don’t have on a leather jacket and sports car you don’t need and staring at life’s traffic lights wondering where and when it all went so wrong. Not Bulabeats though. Nope, they’re hitting the dancefloor with a ten-track blast of dirty-ass bass and breaks. But maybe that’s because this is a celebration of Bulabeats’ fortieth release rather than their fortieth

HARDLY SUBTLE: Hardly Subtle EP 2 (2012) + ‘Chase & Skank’ free download

Rating: ★★★★★
The New Year’s mere days old and those cheeky West Country bad boyz Hardly Subtle (a.k.a. Aldo Vanucci and Dave Remix) are already getting their Joe Cockers out for Pharoahe Monch on this, exposing their Family Stones to LL Cool J and doing things to Etta James that she never dreamed of when she released Something’s Got A Hold On Me in 1962. Mash-up city! It’s hardly subtle is it? Fuck subtle! Let’s rock the dancefloor and here are four

BOX ROCKET: Avalanche Psychiatrist (2011) Free download

Long before Frape, happy-slapping and shanking innocent passersby, the box rocket (along with sniffing glue and a gentle game of British bulldog) was one of many forms of more innocent youth entertainment. Oh wait – that was a pocket rocket wasn’t it. Still, you wouldn’t want to call your mid-tempo breaks project ‘pocket rocket’ nowadays though (if you were Ewan Hoozami and Dave Remix – as indeed Box Rocket are) since