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AD ‘N’ KUTS (ADITUP & DASTARDLY KUTS): Free downloads (2013)

Fuck Marvel Team-Ups (again), Brisbane bad boys Aditup and Dastardly Kuts have joined forces for some double-action, breakbootybass-hop earhole-penetration as Ad ‘N’ Kuts. They humbly describe themselves as, “two pundits of bodaciously bad bootlegs and coma-inducing dj sets…set to take the world by a shit storm of played out samples and wack as fuck production techniques” before

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks Vol. 6 (2013)

It’s Tru Funk Nu Party Breaks time again people – and here’s Vol. 6 already. Prepare yourself for re-funked breakbeat exploitation of The Supremes, DMX, Quad City DJs and David Bowie from Cez 14 & Dastardly Kuts, Dick Diamond, DJ Czech and Essex Groove respectively plus a synth-led slab of refried eighties funk featuring god only knows what vocals culled from Morlack‘s warehouse-sized