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THE MONADES: Shake Me (feat. RAYNA)/ Not To Tonight (feat. DARIYA) (2015)

Shake Me Not Tonight The MonadesIt’s saucy soul-breaks double action time shortly as The Monades (a.k.a. Renegades Of Jazz and Herma Puma no less) get their slink on with the aid of a pair of vocalists known to MB readers i.e. Rayna and Dariya. Both ladies take a turn at revealing how lovers make them feel but it seems the ever reliable Rayna is the willing yin, to Dariya’s aloof yang. For while the former seeks a

ANATOLY ICE feat. DARIYA: Whatcha Tryin To Do To Me/ Tell Me Tell Me (2013)

Russian funk – it’s not bad. Interestingly, the music on both tracks has been created from samples and then beefed up since dj/producer Anatoly Ice didn’t have a live band handy when he needed to scratch that funk itch. Then (because, for some reason, black sixties gospel singers from Muscle Shoals are also in short supply in the Federation) he got the