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DANCEFLOOR OUTLAWS: Always Bumpin’ The Funk 2010 -2014 (2014)

Always Bumpin The Funk Dancefloor OutlawsPssst! Those masked bandits of the decks, WL and RP (as we’ll call them) a.k.a. Dancefloor Outlaws, are releasing their entire back catalogue from the last four years, including unreleased stuff, dubs and VIP edits. In other words, sixty two tracks of their – er – what you might call ‘extra legal’ edits for a mere one pound sterling. Now that’s criminal! Among the vast stash of nufunk

GHETTO FUNK PRESENTS: Bring The Boom (GFP16)(2013)

Some of you may be aware that Bim and Ben lead bands with brooms and furthermore that Ben’s band bangs and Bim’s band booms. While you’re pondering that, here’s something else that booms – Ghetto Funk‘s forthcoming Bring The Boom EP. JFB & Dancefloor Outlaws give Desmond Dekker some dnb boom, Timothy Wisdom gives LL Cool J some ghetto funk boom (don’t call it a comeback)


Dancefloor Outlaws a.k.a DJ/producers Will ‘Streetwise’ and Robin Parris pull down the brims of their stetsons and pull up bandanas to cover their faces for the Delusions EP – the taster for forthcoming album Delusions Of Grandeur. I wore a pink Stetson when djing once. Not by choice of course – some drunk bird put it on my head while I was on the cut. I told her I drew the line at kinky

GHETTO FUNK presents ALLSTAR 45s: Dancefloor Outlaws ‘Meet Me On The Dancefloor’ & Basement Freaks ‘Mo Diggity’ (GFP010)(2012)

It’s the third Allstar 45 from the Ghetto Funk posse and they’ve roped in another two heavy hitting production crews. First up, Dancefloor Outlaws rock out with their cocks out on Meet Me On The Dancefloor – presumably one where waving glowsticks around isn’t frowned upon. This one’s all about mixing up a few Ludacris bars off Missy Elliott’s Gossip Folks with a giant singalong refrain

DISCO CAKES 5: Defkline & Red Polo vs. Dancefloor Outlaws (2012)

Rating: ★★★★★
Fuck me, yes please! The Disco Cakes label surpasses even its recent JFB release by setting up a celebrity breaks match between Dancefloor Outlaws, Deekline and Ed Solo – the latter two travelling, for this purpose, as Defkline and Red Polo. This finds all four of them tearing around on a wild sampling spree and demonstrating the appliance of some breakbeat science to the results, ending up with 5

DANCEFLOOR OUTLAWS: Disco Cakes Vol. 3 (2011)

Dancefloor Outlaws cook up a third batch of ghetto/ nu funk ‘disco cakes’ to fill that party snack gap. Opener Betty makes quite free with Ram Jam’s very un-disco Black Betty bam-a-lamming her into the twenty-first century with some quite rude bass wobble and Regukate’s appropriation of Warren G’s ubiquitous vocal gets its eighties soul on in the shiniest grey polyester suit way possible

BASEMENT FREAKS: Makes Me Wanna Scream (2011)

BASEMENT FREAKS: Makes Me Wanna Scream (2011)What could make Basement Freaks a.k.a. George Fotiadis want to scream? The parlous state of the Greek economy? Possibly – but the cause is more likely to be delight as he is swarmed, Lynx-advert style, by semi-clad females in response to the Prince/ P-funk/ ghetto funk combo vibe of Makes Me Wanna Scream off his Something Freaky LP

DANCEFLOOR OUTLAWS: Panda Style video + Disco Cakes Vol. 1 EP – 2010

This was actually in the inbox last week but got overlooked. You wouldn’t think it possible to overlook a video featuring an uprocking panda but that’s because you don’t live at Monkeyboxing Towers. I won’t go into exactly how weird living here must be for an uprocking panda to go unnoticed because the king of the potato people just told me everyone would think I was the weird one.