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FREEDUST: Waterfalls EP

FREEDUST:  Waterfalls EPFreedust return with more of their retro-tinged breakbeat grooves on new four-track EP Waterfalls. The first half of the release is instrumental, opening with the uptempo jazzy breaks of Chilling In which scatters summery warmth as it goes. This is followed by the double-bass powered slinkiness of Dropping Needles, a track that comes on a bit like The Cure’s Lovecats

FREEDUST: Jump Up And Down EP

FREEDUST:  Jump Up And Down EPWho’s this then – sounding like the lovechild of Skeewiff and St Etienne with their Jump Up And Down EP? Why it’s none other Freedust. No, not the cry you never heard from PCP dealers on 70s NY streets but a pan-European trio consisting of Italian Daniele Carmosino, Swede Lisa Widmark and Brit Sarina Leah. What a perfect example of pan-European co-operation. Indeed they’re just the antidote