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FREEDUST: Take Me There/ Beleedat

FREEDUST:  BeleedatRating: ★★★★★ How to describe new Freedust singles, Take Me There and Beleedat, both international affairs on which Italian producer Daniele Carmosino deploys Barcelona-based singer Saphie Wells and Puerto Rican rapper Bardo respectively? Turns out, ‘pretty damn dope’ will suffice. Take Me There is a sultry summer anthem


FREEDUST:  HeatIt’s all about the brand new retro-stylings from Italian outfit Freedust once again on new single Heat which kind of imagines what sixties R&B might sound like were someone to try and make it now without ignoring changes in technology, R&B trends and audience tastes. Which – er – somebody has imagined, clearly, since here is Heat and that somebody is Freedust. Cue an