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DA WIESEL: Big Boots EP – 2009 – EP review

Rating: ★★★★½

Yes – you will need to get your wallet out again as Da Wiesel follows up his corking Shotgun EP with the Big Boots EP – four slices of steroidal breaks, laced with choice vocal raps. The Funky Hun’s opening gambit is the pneumatic Blockrocking Blade which finds a Chemical Brothers b-line topped by the vocals of long-serving UK MC Blade and a smorgasbord of disco-stylings. Next up is Supersonic Four – a classy old Supersonics rocksteady instrumental garnished with guttural raps from original German old-schoolers Die Fantastischen Vier. It’s a combo that’ll have German-speaking dancefloors everywhere getting all stank though how it translates elsewhere in a vocally English-centric industry remains to be seen. If you need a reason to part with cash money however, you need go no further than the massive I Gonna Give It To Ya. Basically when you hear what is essentially a rhyme from rapper Sensational (a.k.a. Torture) pasted over a chopped up loop from Jean Knight’s Mr Big Stuff (with added cuts from Charles Wright’s Express Yourself) you’ll recognise it for the dancefloor diamond that it is – even as you marvel, ‘Why has no-one done this already?’
(Out now on Frequento Sunsetsoul)

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1. (NEW) THE REGALS – Sure Taking Care Of Me (Single)(Jupiter Finland)
Comes on like Tom Jones singing a mental funk soul bomb. Proof that sometimes B sides are better!

2. (NEW) DA WIESEL – Cool Hot Grits – (Single)(Sunsetsoul)
Another One Bites the Dust B-line? Roots Manuva? Why aren’t you dancing?

3. (NEW) UGLY DUCKLING – Right Now (Audacity LP) (Fat Beats)
Einstein digs deep in the vintage funk, Andy C and Dizzy start the party.

4. (NEW) SIR BEANS OBE feat. Koaste – The Jingle (Unreleased)
Yet another massive cut from Beans topped with tight rhymes from Koaste.

5. (NEW) BLU – We Got U (A Day Late, A Dollar Short LP) (Unreleased)
Coast to coast unite! Super mellow flows from L.A.’s Blu; dope beats from NY’s Sene.

6. (NEW) BETTY DAVIS – Come Take Me
The original queen of filthy funk rock pops up on dope re-press.
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7. (NEW) THE KILLER METERS – Dance, Move, Shake! (Single) (Breakin Bread)
Massive slice of funk-rock with vocalist Karime Kendra coming on like Betty Davis.

8. (5) ANDY TAYLOR feat. Louisa Rox (Unreleased)
Ridiculously euphoric funky anthem. 3rd month in the chart!

9. (NEW) K DELIGHT – The Life & Times Of A Scratch Machine
11 minute scratch extravaganza.

10. (10) T-BIRD & THE BREAKS – Juice (Learn About It LP)(Unreleased)
Funky-ass soul so raw it’s still bleeding.


Rating: ★★★★★

I remember December as being the time of year when the only dance tracks released are shit abominations involving tacky house beats and vocals cheesier than the feet of mice who live under a camembert factory. So I guess that makes this December some sort of anomaly as it’s been one of the funkiest months all year. Hot on the heels of all the other good shit (actually preceding much of it – as this review’s a bit late) comes Da Wiesel. Unsurprisingly, ‘Wiesel’ is German for weasel and as everyone knows, weasels are some heavyweight rodents that definitely don’t live under cheese factories. Thus ‘A’ side Shotgun is utterly true to character in that it’s a non-cheesy slice of heavyweight instrumental funky breaks – a quality it shares with ‘B’ side Downtown Breakdown and second B Side Cool Hot Grits which finds an excellent use for the Another One Bites The Dust b-line and the flows of Roots Manuva. Any vinyl soldiers out there thinking of getting the party started on NYE want this in their record bags. Or as Rodney Smith puts it – “…Pump your fist and stamp your footsy, if you can’t dance just wiggle your tootsie.”
Out now on Sunsetsoul.

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1. (NEW) Ugly Duckling – Einstein Do It (Night On Scratch Mountain) (Audacity LP) – Fat Beats
DJ Einstein on the cut y’all! Massive.

2. (NEW) Shantisan – Bring The Bossa Back (Resense 008 EP) – Resense
Drum n Bossa? Latin vocal? Party!

3. (NEW) Q Tip – Won’t Trade (The Renaissance LP) – Motown
Motown sampling bomb. Shoulda had more like this on the LP.

4. (NEW) K Delight (feat. Koaste) – Teenagers From Outer Space (Audio Revolution LP) – Playing Around
Swirling tech-hop banger and the best lyrics all year from Koaste.

5. (1) Andy Taylor (feat. Louisa Rox) – Pray (Unreleased)
Ridiculously euphoric funky anthem.

6. (3) The Bamboos – Tears Cried (Side Stepper LP) – Tru Thoughts
More funky sister soul action from Melbourne’s finest
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7. (NEW) The New Mastersounds – Hole In The Bag (Plug & Play LP) – Etage Noir
A fat nugget of organs, wah-wah and clattering drums.

8. (NEW) Da Wiesel – Raw Rapture (Resense 008 EP) – Resense
Female vocal breaks-track, cutting up Sly Stone, and the Mohawks

9. (NEW) The Bas Lexter Ensample – Bas Lexter’s Rock (Resense 008 EP) – Resense
Uptempo brass-driven breaks.

10. (NEW) T Bird & The Breaks – Juice (Learn About It LP) (Unreleased)
Funky-ass soul so raw it’s still bleeding.

VARIOUS – RESENSE EP 008 – 2008 – Review

Rating: ★★★★½

The Austrians have given the world many things – Hitler, Arnold Schwarznegger and Falco being three of them – but hey – they’re making up for it now. This EP was listed as ‘Broken Beat/ Nu Jazz’ on one of my sources so I nearly missed out on this massive collection of funky mashed-up breaks about which there is nothing ‘broken’ and even less, ‘jazzy’. Sono Rhizmo’s opener So Ma Guisee is a so-so latin-skank that I found myself roundly ignoring in favour of The Bas Lexter Ensample’s no-nonsense uptempo brass-driven breakbeats on Bas Lexter’s Rock, Da Wiesel’s Mohawks, Meters and Sly Stone sampling Raw Rapture and Shantisan’s dnb-speed bossa nova latin-vocal Bring Back The Bossa Rock. It’s the sort of thing that keeps the Bombs and Nice Up crews on their toes. Rewind!
Out now on Resense Austrian.

Listen to Resense EP 008

The Bas Lexter Ensample – Myspace

Frequento Sunsetsoul (home of Da Wiesel) – Myspace

Shantisan – Myspace