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MR DORIS & D-FUNK (feat. N'FA JONES & CANTALOUP):  All DownIn the sort of close international collaboration that populist politicians could learn a thing or two from, Mr Doris, D-Funk, N’Fa Jones and Cantaloop come together from the four corners of the globe (well, the UK, Ibiza, Oz and NZ at any rate) for All Down. The result is a highly agreeable hip-hop bump possessed of a mellowness also signally missing from international relations these days

CMC & SILENTA: Roca Records presents Feature Breaks Vol. 2 (2011)

Second release in CMC & Silenta’s Feature Breaks series on their Roca imprint and they’ve opened up their back catalogue for remixing. It has to be said that this could be tantamount to handing a nutter some garden shears and getting your wedding tackle out, depending on who you’ve got on remix duties. Never fear though, half the ghetto funk universe were already queueing

D-FUNK & SOME DJ vs. Mark Ronson: Ooh Wee Watch Out (2011) – Free download

It’s all about Mark Ronson’s classic Ghostface-featuring party anthem from 2003 re-versioned for the ghetto funk era on Ooh Wee Watch Out. Or as D-Funk and Some DJ bill it, “The Mark Ronson classic ‘Ooh Wee’ with more drums, bass & vocals…” Now, you may feel that the original wasn’t exactly lacking in any of these departments but – hey! – that was at a time when Mark Ronson was still good, everything got released on phonographic