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AIM & QnC: The Habit Of a Lifetime (And How To Kick It) (2015)

Habit Of a Lifetime AimRating: ★★★★★ Well, I never – Aim is back and in the company of longtime microphone cohorts Q-Ball and Curt Cazal, not just on a couple of tracks but on every track of the new LP The Habit Of A Lifetime (And How To Kick It). You remember Aim – a.k.a. Andy Turner. His influential ’99 LP debut Cold Water Music featured the world’s most

FRAMEWORKS feat QNC: Ain’t No Use/ Classic (2012)

Another transatlantic collabo between veteran NY rappers Q-Ball and Curt Cazal and a UK producer, only this time it’s Frameworks rather than Aim. And equally dope. Don’t go expecting Aim’s moody beats though – Frameworks keeps it crisp and funky on both sides. Both cuts clock in at around 100 bpm, Ain’t No Use is a bit lighter on it’s feet and sees QNC air their thoughts on current