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THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM: Indiegogo campaign (2016)

Shawn Lee Library Music FilmProducer, multi-instrumentalist and library music fanatic Shawn Lee has decided that library music – aka the soundtrack to the TV programmes of your youth (if you were a 60s, 70s and 80s kid) – hasn’t had enough love and what better way to show some than by making a documentary about the genre – The Library Music Film? Library music? Yeah – you know the sort of thing – like

BETTY DAVIS: ‘Nasty Gal’ documentary movie (2015) Crowdfunding campaign and teaser

Betty Davis Movie CrowdfundingWhat do you mean who’s Betty Davis? Betty DAVIS! The ‘first lady of funk’. Friend to Jimi, Sly, Carlos Santana and Herbie Hancock. Wife (briefly) to Miles. Model. Producer/ singer/ songwriter on four classic funk-rock LPs in the 70s. Oh – yeah – and victim of sexism and censorship. Which are the main reasons why she suddenly disappeared at the tail end of the seventies and doesn’t have