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CRASH PARTY: Toxic Funk Vol. 5 (Vinyl 7″)

CRASH PARTY: Toxic Funk Vol. 5 (Vinyl 7?)Rating: ★★★★★ Breakbeat Paradise keep up a very successful run of 45s as Crash Party – er – crashes the party with Toxic Funk Vol. 5 and a double measure of hip-hop influenced booty. We’ll start by considering B-side World Gone Def. which marries Joe Tex, Method Man and a funky boom-bap rhythm for a joint which could well have been an A-side itself were it not for the fact that the A-side on this, Dirty Glass, generates even more

VARIOUS: Freshly Dipped Vol. 4

VARIOUS: Freshly Dipped Vol. 4Roast Beatz Cuttin’ It Fine label dips toes, feet, hell, whole body into the post lockdown fray with new booty bangers collection, Freshly Dipped Vol. 4. Leaping straight in is Towlie DJ nu-disco-ing up J5 on High Pieces, swiftly followed by Roast Beatz himself who introduces some JBs licks to Beyonce’s hubby on Excuse Me James so they can smoke that la-la-la together. It was a recipe

CRASH PARTY: Nitty Gritty (2017)

CRASH PARTY:  Nitty Gritty (2017)Next to release from the Scour stable are Crash Party who get down to the important business – I mean the brass tacks – nay – the very Nitty Gritty of finding out what happens when vintage 90s-style dancehall collides with twenty-first century breaks. Why – I bet that sounds like a veritable musical (wrecking) ball! Pretty much, yeah and one with an anything goes remix policy. But then

SECOND HAND AUDIO: Extended Play (Remixed)(2017)

second-hand-audio-extended-play-remixedThe six tracks of Second Hand Audio‘s excellent hip-hop drop Extended Play from last year get a second crack of the whip on Extended Play Remixed in which play is indeed extended to a whopping ten tracks. That’ll be no fewer than three versions of Psycho Les-featuring banger Brand New then (courtesy of Slynk, DJP and Ugly

GHETTO FUNK presents: CRASH PARTY (2016)

Crash Party Ghetto Funk presentsCrash Party ensure a bank holiday dancefloor pile-up in wobble-land with their new four-tracker – the latest in the Ghetto Funk presents… series. Expect wild synth antics as the pitch twists and turns more times than a Tory politician being asked about education, the health service and Hinkley Point. Beats veer from funky breaks to the straight-up four-to-the-floor of the ESG-ish Turn