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THE PRO-TEENS: Doomsday b/w Curls (Vinyl 7″)

THE PRO-TEENS: Doomsday b/w Curls (Vinyl 7Melbourne’s instrumental cinematic funk outfit The Pro-Teens follow-up their DOOM covers 45 Peachfuzz from back in October last year with another brace of DOOM covers. This time around the A-side is DOOM’s Operation Doomsday LP (almost) title cut, Doomsday which gets a makeover and comes out sounding like blissed-out seventies soul. Actually, it’s not quite completely instrumental since singer ‘Polly The Invincible

THE PRO-TEENS: Peachfuzz b/w One Beer (Vinyl 7″)

THE PRO-TEENS: Peach Fuzz b/w One Beer (Vinyl 7The next vinyl 7″ from Melbourne’s The Pro-Teens finds the instrumental outfit delivering a double celebration of the work of Daniel Dumile with covers of tracks from two different eras of the man’s work. On the one side, KMD’s Peachfuzz from their first LP Mr Hood gets transformed into a lo-fi cinematic groove with fuzzy distorted bass while on the other it’s the turn of MF Doom cut


Following previous single BF Holiday and prior to the release of their debut long player, Waiting Room, here’s another slice of cinematic soulfulness from Melbourne’s Let Your Hair Down in the shape of new single Pizza Pie. This one swaps the low key grooving of its predecessor for a more abrasive sound with fuzz guitar, bass distortion and in-your-face but off-kilter horns

SNOOCH DODD & THE PRO-TEENS: I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly

SNOOCH DODD & THE PRO-TEENS: I Flip My Life Every Time I FlyIf you like the way El Michels Affair apply hip-hop sensibilities to cinematic soul, you might want to check out the debut single by Snooch Dodd & The Pro-Teens, I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly. Turns out this is a studio side project of Karate Boogaloo’s drummer Hudson Whitlock and Snooch Dodd only exists in his imagination – not that the monkey’s complaining – because the very real


KARATE BOOGALOO: SlappyThe second single to be released by Melbourne cinematic funkers Karate Boogaloo ahead of their Carn The Boogers long-player is this new one, Slappy. The track features a sparse arrangement, at least initially, with rhythmical organ stabs and guitar over bass pulses and a spare kick snare pattern with double-time hi-hats occasionally punctuated by busier interludes and sounding for

SURPRISE CHEF: Blyth Street Nocturne

SURPRISE CHEF: Blyth Street NocturneYou might have thought Melbourne had already given more than enough to the world of contemporary funk and soul given the number of bands of that ilk hailing from there but it seems the city isn’t done just yet. Say hello then to Surprise Chef who enter the fray from the left field with the library music-inspired Blyth Street Nocturne the first taster from the band’s forthcoming debut