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T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Is There Any Love? (Out Of The Rain) (2014)

Is There Any Love T Bird The BreaksYou know that thing when you start whistling or singing one song and it suddenly merges into another one? That’s exactly what T Bird & The Breaks have done here! Trevor Dandy’s gospel funk groove Is There Any Love suddenly morphs seamlessly into Parliament’s Come In Out Of The Rain in a meeting of two great tracks in a Texan chunk funk stylee. Two for the price of one! Or

T BIRD & THE BREAKS: Everything Unto Me (2011) + video

Rating: ★★★★★
Still criminally unsigned, prolific Texan funk outfit T Bird & The Breaks deliver Everything Unto Me – their first single since the release of second LP Never Get Out Of This Funk Alive and it’s new material that wasn’t even on the album. Everything Unto Me is a heavy, heavy downtempo jam that updates the traditional funk/ soul blueprint via a dash of hip-hop production