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MAKO & THE HAWK: ‘Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man’ video (2012) + free download

Bloody hell – it’s been a long minute since these two had anything out and now suddenly, out of the blue, here’s Mako & The Hawk with a brand new video for the first track they ever made – the as-played-on-Craig-Charles-Funk-&-Soul-Show, long-ago-maxed-out-on-soundcloud, Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man. It’s a straight-up, party breaks, mash-up banger of Christina Aguilera’s retro rnb hit Ain’t No

MAKO & THE HAWK: Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man – Free download

MAKO & THE HAWK: Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man – Free downloadIn which Mako & The Hawk apply the same principles to a funk/ RnB mash-up that the Nice Up crew and J Star already apply to reggae and hip-hop. Or at least The Hawk does. Mako described himself ambivalently as ‘executive producer’ and also as the ‘Andrew Ridgley to the Hawk’s George Michael’ on this project. Still, as the producer of the BBC Radio 6 Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show recently put it (shortly before it was played), “Big Boss Man And Christine Aguilera together, should it work? No! Does it work? Yes!” Thus for your delectation: