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THE KURNEL MC: The Wanderer (2016)

The Wanderer EP Kurnel MCThey call him the wanderer, they call him the wanderer, he likes to roam around, around, around. He certainly does since the UK is pretty much as far from Aotearoa as a body can get. Who am I talking about? The Kurnel MC of course, though surely the central issue is – does the Kiwi emcee rhyme like a nut? All the signs (not to mention sounds) are good on The Wanderer EP

CHRISPOP: Got To Get Some/ Just Get Up (2014)

Got To Get Some Just Get Up ChrispopFunky breaks…got some? Don’t worry if you haven’t. Chrispop‘s here to provide a surfeit to cover your shortage as he resurrects the lost art of the ’80s megamix’ to suture together the likes of JB, Aerosmith, the Bongo Band, Lyn Collins, Kool & The Gang and Bad Bascombe, for Got To Get Some. Over on the ‘flip’ the megamix fun continues with Just Get Up‘s Funkinstein-like creation of Gwen


(NEW) 1. Eldridge Holmes – If I Was A Carpenter

Superb cut off Soul Jazz’s dope New Orleans Funk Vol. 3