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CHRIS READ feat. PUGZ ATOMZ: Chocolate Milk (2017)

Honestly, you wait ages for a Chris Read and Pugz Atomz collab. and then two come along at once with an album in the offing to boot. The first collab. was the Pharcyde-ish Baby Don’t Go which is due out on Dinked Records next week. The next one the monkey’s had wind of is this – the neo-soul-tinged jazz rap of Chocolate Milk which also features Neak and Mojo Green and

CHRIS READ feat. PUGZ ATOMZ: Baby Don’t Go (2017)

Baby Dont Go Chris Read Pugz AtomzHip-hop production man of substance Chris Read likes to break his bread with the odd emcee now and then and for this Dinked Records 45 he’s hooked up with Chicago’s Pugz Atomz for Baby Don’t Go. Not that you’ll consider going anywhere once you’ve heard the A-side for there’s something of an early Pharcyde vibe about the combination of a meditative jazzy piano loop with the Funky

CHRIS READ feat. MYLES SANKO: The Magic Is Gone (2014)

The Magic Is Gone Chris Read Myles SankoThe Magic Is Gone is the latest drop from Breakin Bread – on which crate-digger and man of Substance, Chris Read, enlists the help of neo-soulman Myles Sanko to try and locate the place where b-boy breaks and acid jazz meet. On the evidence of this, their search has been a wild success – one for those who like to uprock in a velour tracksuit while stroking their chin. Not to be

CHRIS READ feat. PHILL MOST CHILL: Rap Tradition (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Rap tradition? There are many aren’t there? Depending on the era. Most recently of course there’s doing a lazy turn on a David Guetta beat – a real nadir I think you’ll agree. Makes you nostalgic for a decade or so ago when you could rely on violent death or something. Go back further still and there were wild and crazy notions of combining a funky beat with Phd-level lyrical prowess. Enter