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CHOPPS DERBY: Very Dutty Manz – Video

Once again, underrated ‘poet of the people’ Derby sensitively explores issues of working class crime in his home metropolis – Manchester. Does he bollocks. Ripping the piss out of violent, ignorant fuck knuckles, posturing all the while as one of them, is way more his style. Unless he’s not taking the piss – you can never be too sure with northerners. Still, this is proper grimy – a little bit in the hip-hop sub-genre sense but mainly in the dirty-fingernailed, KFC-grease-stained sense. Or, to put it another way, it’s like finding a chicken nugget in your caviar. A warning to us all that there’s danger everywhere. Especially north of London. Peep it here:

Chopps Derby – Myspace

CHOPPS DERBY: Back To Yer Yard – Video

Northern filth merchant Chopps Derby pulls a handbrake u-turn in terms of genre (if not in lyrical focus – which remains firmly in a condom-choked gutter) screeching from the chilled breaks of the You Don’t Know What Broccoli Is EP to lairy grime with Back To Yer Yard. It’s difficult for one to speculate at the grim horror of life in a northern ghetto whilst sat here brandy in hand, looking out of a window (one that has no need of a perforated steel cover) onto sunlit southern avenues but this is a marvellous aid. No need to imagine hooded youth planning to shank ‘rivals’, or discussing ‘gash’ it’s all here in glorious technicolour. One particularly enjoys the sight of our guide to all this piss-stained chaos, Derby himself, stood inside a wheelie bin raving like a derelict jack-in-a-box…quite superb.
Chopps Derby – Myspace

CHOPPS DERBY – Down The Dogs – Video

Chopps Derby comes from Manchester and makes hip-hop rich in social observation of UK working class life. He’s also got a mouth like a sewer. And when I say ‘sewer’, I’m thinking of one so filthy even turds balk at having to enter – as you’ll realise if you check the Down The Dogs video – below. His laid back northern mumbling and late night jazz bar loops and beats are a bit like those peanut butter and jam sandwiches the Yanks are so fond of – sounds terrible in theory but in reality goes down a treat. If the video doesn’t offend your soft southern sensibilities the You Don’t Know What Broccoli Is? EP is out now on The Gulls Trunk Records.

Chopps Derby – Myspace

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