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CHIMA ANYA & SLONE: Coffee + video

Ok – let’s modern shit up a bit. Chima Anya has been working with producer Slone and the third single to be released from forthcoming LP People Forget is Coffee which finds Anya unashamedly dumping a lady friend because he hasn’t got time for, well, coffee after they’ve done the wild thing. On the face of it, what we have here is something of a seven day type deal – you know like the Craig

MAKO & THE HAWK feat. CHIMA ANYA: The Devil Made Me Do It/ Strut Your Stuff – 7″ (2016) + official videos

the-devil-made-me-do-it-strut-your-stuff-mako-the-hawk-chima-anyaSo there’s been all that Mako & Mr Bristow action in the last year or two but what has been up with Mako & The Hawk, you might have wondered. Well, wonder no longer – the pair who sound a bit like a 1970s cop show are back with a double A-side wax 45 of all-original, sample-based, party-friendly

CHIMA ANYA: The Trilogy (Prod. CLEM BEAT’Z) (2015) + video

The Trilogy Chima Anya Clem Beat'zRapping doctor Chima Anya reunites with French beatmaker Clem Beat’z for new track The Trilogy. Title not withstanding, this is “a song in two parts,” the first of which finds our Chima exercising his wrath at some unspecified individual or individuals over a suitably portentous beat that is half Delta blues/ spiritual and half Twin Peaks incidental music. Then it morphs into dreamy forties

CHIMA ANYA & CLEM BEAT’Z: After All This Time EP (2014)

After All This Time Chima Anya Clem BeatzRating: ★★★★★ Never one to let himself be pigeonholed, rapping doctor Chima Anya goes through a kaleidoscope of emotion on After All This Time over a kaleidoscope of beats from Frenchman and Evidence-lookalike Clem Beat’z. It’s like a hip-hop episode of Jeremy Kyle, only without the offensive right wing Christian morality, the baying audience mob and the hapless fuckwits

CHIMA ANYA: The Surgery Triage EP (2014) Free download

Surgery Triage EP - Chima AnyaYou can’t say that Chima Anya doesn’t rap about what he knows about since, unlike that charlatan Dre, he is actually a practising doctor of medicine. Thus straddling two worlds, he is painfully aware of the way rap lyrics have traditionally tended to glorify the dealing and consumption of narcotics without providing a contrasting voice. Here he aims to rectify that. You may be aware of the running

CHIMA ANYA: You’ll See/ Me Being Me (2014)

Me Being Me Chima AnyaChima Anya demonstrates his eclectic tastes by going in over two very different instrumentals and sharing his thoughts through the medium of rhyming verse. First up is a philosophical musing of You’ll See on the topic of beauty over the bleeping electronica of Mount Kimbie’s Before I Move Off. Of more interest to MB readers perhaps though is the braggadocio of Me Being Me against the backdrop of

CHIMA ANYA: Guess I’ll Never (2014) video

Guess I'll Never Chima AnyaChima Anya‘s new video is a simple tale of a man misreading the messages from a woman. On the other hand it’s a simple tale of a woman misreading the messages from a man. Then again it’s a lesson to us all that sometimes a toy can be more fun than a real person. And when I say ‘toy’ I mean Nintendo 64 and when I say ‘person’ I mean rapping doctor Chima Anya. Or at least the hapless

CHIMA ANYA: Let It Hang (prod. JEEDO 47)(2013) Free download

It’s been a while since that ‘other’ doctor of hip-hop, Chima Anya, has been featured round these parts but it would be a bum rap if Let It Hang didn’t get a look-in. Essentially, the doctor-rhymer goes in over Jeedo 47‘s ghettotech instro beat Let It All Hang Out, which itself cannibalises Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls, in praise of one of hip-hop’s perennial favourite topics – the female rear

CHIMA ANYA feat. FRANCIS MOTT: Flexible (2012) Free download

Unlike that charlatan Dre, UK rapper Chima Anya really is a doctor. He’s also ‘flexible’ as he reveals here going in over Oh No’s instrumental The Funk beat. Not flexible in the lap-dancer sense of course, he’s on about his easy-going disposition which facilitates changes of plans, and a general ability to adapt to the capricious whims of others without breaking a sweat or, like, merking them

CHIMA ANYA: ‘I’m Ill (It’s The Doctor)’ feat. Chemo

Here’s a little treat in the run-up to the release (or in the wake of the release – you can already buy it off play.com) of UK rapper Chima Anya’s debut LP New Day. As you’ll hear, he’s claiming he’s ‘ill’ a lot on this with, it has to be said, a not inconsiderable amount of justification. Just as well really – seeing as how he’s jacked Red Café’s fat boom-bap I’m Ill beat. Then again, it’s not like Red Café was really doing it justice especially when compared with what Chima Anya’s come up with which is much funnier and cleverer and which I would quote but for some reason the refrain, “I’m ill muthafucker, I’m ill/ I’m ill, I’m ill, I’m ill,” is going around in my head a lot now. Kind of reminds me of a UK Mr Lif. Watch this space.
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