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CHICKEN GRASS:  Chicken Grass LPMB regulars may remember the name Chicken Grass from the band’s excellent New Orleans funk 45-style bump, Snakebites featuring Princess Shaw which provided one of the funk single highlights of last year. Turns out the band have actually been knocking about for a quarter century though and furthermore that they have finally decided to release their debut self-titled LP. I think

CHICKEN GRASS: Snakebites feat. PRINCESS SHAW b/w Trading Bullets (Vinyl 7″)(Audio premiere)

CHICKEN GRASS:  SnakebitesIf you’re going to do a New Orleans-style funk 45, it’s always best to do it properly, as Finnish funk outfit Chicken Grass do here by roping in New Orleans songstress Princess Shaw for A-side Snakebites on this Tramp Records release. It’s got a Toussaint-esque mix of the raw and the smooth – the latter coming from a silkily layered and executed organ-led groove while a stanky drum