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BLEND MISHKIN feat. MC JAMALSKI: We Are Roots (Remixes) (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Clearly a case of ‘Oh shit – that was good enough to make a bit of money with – what were we thinking with the free download?’ Blend Mishkin‘s hip-hop riddim-powered reggae number featuring MC Jamalski, We Are Roots, now gets the full four-track remix treatment package. And guess what? It’s not just the original that was good enough to make a bit of money with. The ‘exclusive

BRUISES & CUTS (BNC): Make Bail (2013) Video + free download

Rating: ★★★★★
The new video to the 2011’s free track from Dominican-born, Athens-based, emcee Bruises And Cuts’ – a.k.a. BnC a.k.a. Bossy Ride. Watch and learn, shouty politics bores – this is how to make a protest song – fat and funky with a call and response hook. Within Make Bail‘s perfectly crafted three and a half minutes, the Cast-A-Blast-signed

DJTZINAS feat. The Kidd & BNC: Get Up ( (2011)

It’s ‘vintage sound of the west coast underground’ time at the Cast-A-Blast label as DJTzinas and emcee mates The Kidd and BNC get all year two thousand on your ass with rather solid hip-hop cut Get Up. They want you to get up of course (how else are you going to get down?) and do so with a booming piano-led beat, understated soul samples, scratching and the rhyme skills of the aforementioned emcees. As if that’s not enough

PALOV feat. LADY FAYE: Troubles (2011)

Probably the best thing I’ve heard off the Cast-A-Blast label this year, Troubles is a big slice of soulful late-night reggae with a dope rnb-style vocal from Lady Faye along the lines of Katalyst and Stephanie Mckay‘s bomb track Day Into Night from back in March. The acoustic feel of Palov’s original gets a heavy dub-fuelled makeover from Jazz K Lipa and is all about the b-line and reverbed horns while Dirty Dubsters apply some jazzy junglist pressha