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RHYMESAYERS: London Tour Stories video (2011)

In which various artists on the 2011 Carhartt/ Rhymesayers tour relate why they love the Big Smoke. Or not. Slug found the bacon undercooked, Budo informs us that he’s half English and like everyone this side of the Atlantic he already drinks tea with pinkie raised and salutes the Queen while Evidence hates Heathrow but thinks the weed is pretty good. Thus it is Brother Ali alone, who

RHYMESAYERS & CARHARTT: Mix competition (2011)

Ah – the mixtape, still with us despite the lack of – well…tape, really. So not actually a mix ‘tape’ then – more just a digital mix. Now vinyl’s one thing (and I, for one, applaud its refusal to die) but I’m not even going to pretend I miss tape. What a shitty old format. It stretched, it got chewed up, if you held it too close to a magnet it got wiped – yes, a mixtape was a delicate thing back in the day

RHYMESAYERS PRESENT: The Rhymesayers European Tour – Atmosphere/ Brother Ali/ Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) / Blueprint/ Grieves & Budo (2011)

Rhymesayers? They’re not law obeyers they’re non-stop rhythm rock poetry sayers and they’ll be proving it by invading Europe this November starting in London. Actually they probably are law obeyers, that bit just sounded good. Yes, this autumn is all about emo-hoppers Atmosphere and various homies from the underground behemoth of a label that Atmosphere founded: Brother Ali, Evidence, Blueprint and Grieves and Budo

CARHARTT: Spring 2009 Collection

This new collection sees Carhartt throw caution to the winds and feature both some brightly coloured clothing and designs that aren’t simply their traditional logo blown up to fit across the chest. Not at the same time though. You don’t wanna run before you can walk right? Follow link for full collection courtesy of urbanindustry.co.uk