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CANNIBAL OX: ‘Harlem Knights’ (2015) + London show 15 July

Harlem Knights video Cannibal OxBlimey get your skates on, the last truly great underground hip-hop crew of the 90s/ noughties explosion, Cannibal Ox are playing the Big Smoke tomorrow night to promote their Blade Of The Ronin LP, this year’s epic follow-up to 2001’s The Cold Vein. The monkey can vouch that they’re definitely worth a look having caught them in the Little Smoke last week. To whet your appetite

CANNIBAL OX: UK / EU Tour (2015)

Tour 2015 UK EU Cannibal OxBlimey – here’s a very rare chance to see Cannibal Ox as those forty-seven masterlass samur- er – I mean peerless two rappers (plus one dj) venture this side of the pond to promote the release of this year’s epic follow-up to their mighty 2001 debut The Cold Vein. The New York duo of Vast Aire and Vordul were arguably the last great underground hip-hop act to emerge following the

CANNIBAL OX: Blade Of The Ronin (2015)

Blade-Of-The-Ronin-Cannibal-OxRating: ★★★★★ Not the first act this week to have taken their time releasing an LP, Cannibal Ox have only waited a mere decade and a half since their debut to drop the follow-up. 2001’s The Cold Vein was a massive critical and underground hit and Can Ox were arguably the last truly great alternative hip-hop act to emerge from the roughly ten year period following the splintering of hip-hop

CANNIBAL OX: Harlem Knights (2015)

Blade Of The Ronin Cannibal OXA mere fortnight since the debut single, Iron Rose, off Cannibal Ox‘s long-awaited second LP, Blade Of The Ronin, comes the second – Harlem Knights. Like its predecessor, Harlem Knights features producer Bill Cosmiq’s take on El-P’s swirling synth-powered beatscapes from the first LP (basically more-or-less the same synths but far more fluid beats that don’t hurt your ears) while

CANNIBAL OX feat. DOOM: Iron Rose (2015)

Blade Of The Ronin Cannibal OXLike the kid who rocks up halfway through a lesson all innocent and wearing a ‘What?’ expression, Cannibal Ox suddenly come out of the woodwork with new single Iron Rose and news of an LP, Blade Of The Ronin, like it hasn’t been fourteen years since debut The Cold Vein. Mind you, it doesn’t sound like fourteen years have passed either as producer Bill Cosmiq does his best El-P

VAST AIRE: ‘Nomad’ video + Vast Aire producer competition – 2011

This’ll be the video to the Nomad single that the press release included in yesterday’s post about Aire’s new album Ox 2010: A Street Odyssey lauded as ‘reminiscent of Cannibal Ox but will hit you harder.’ The same press release, incidentally, that said video wasn’t actually available with. Not to worry, the vast (sorry) underground hip-hop marketing machine rumbles onward down the internet superhighway like some gargantuan