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CALAGAD 13: Heart Of The City (2017)

CALAGAD 13:  Heart Of The CityThe trouble with all this ridiculously glorious atypical UK summer weather (i.e. it’s hotter than the Bahamas instead of pissing with rain) does rather mean that certain gems have passed without comment this June, so it’s time to set the record straight or at least the Serato console since Calagad 13’s Heart Of The City sadly doesn’t appear in vinyl format. ‘Sadly’, because the

CALAGAD 13: Music Is My Life (2016)

Music Is My Life Calagad 13Rating: ★★★★★ 120 bpm plus and makes you want to leap around like a hare on hot coals? Gotta be b-boy breaks. Welcome to a world where if it doesn’t give you that itch, it ain’t worth scratching. There are no such shortcomings for The Fonkey Calling though – the amping opener to Calagad 13‘s triumphal return to BBP (their Music Is My Life EP) which carries enough firepower to see off

CALAGAD 13: Back To Power (Astrofunks Astro Edit)(2014) Free download

Funk Power Astro FunksAstrofunks‘ debut label release is in the offing and what better way to drum up some interest than by the time-honoured method of doing a freebie? In this case it’s their unofficial remix of Calagad 13’s James Brown-based 2011 cut Back To The Power where they go heavy on the 80s-style drum machine snares, throw in a bit of Ultramagnetics’ Poppa Large and nick a sample