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Fire EP Renegades Of Jazz AspectsFire is the first single off forthcoming LP Paradise Lost from ‘northern jazz’ don Renegades Of Jazz. Turns out he’s enlisted fallen rap angels, Aspects for mic duties and they employ their impressive powers of rhyme and rhetoric to spread the commandments of the adversary – you know – thou shalt add an ‘l’ to the end of any word ending in a vowel, thou shalt drink scrumpy and only

CADIEN: Do You Have It? (2014) Free download + video

Do You Have It  CadienDo You Have It? Cadien asks with this new freebie. Well do you? Everyone on the video does. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, lindy-hoppers Al and Leon, anyone on the ubiquitous Soul Train Line, De La Soul, Sammy Davis Jr, The Beatles, Afrika Bambaataa, all the artists on an impressive selection of soul 45s and – er – Danny Kaye. He’s on about S.O.U.L. of course. Watch out for the four

CADIEN: Miracles (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ In ancient times, miracles consisted of walking on water, resurrecting the dead and easing the hunger cravings of thousands with a few fish and loaves. There’s no walking on water here, though lazer beams do strike the sea on the cover art. Cadien‘s monster single Miracles does however resurrect a Jackson Sisters hit and will ease the dancefloor cravings of thousands with fat breaks