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C.J. PLUS: Ukraine In Grooves (2017)

C.J. Plus: Ukraine In GroovesRating: ★★★★★ Ukrainian producer C.J. Plus hits the nail on the head once again with mini-LP Ukraine In Grooves as he re-tools obscure 70s Ukrainian cuts for both the heads and the b-boys. In other words you get to lap up the psych, funk, soul and folk influences on this while cruising in the lowrider and later on when you get your uprock on. Highlights (though it’s all strong stuff)

C.J. PLUS & I-ONE: Altair (2016)

altair-cj-plus-i-oneMore quality emerges from abstract hip-hop’s Odessa files as Ukrainian producer C.J.Plus and keyboardist I-One employ vintage Soviet-era synthesizers like the Opus, Estradin-230 and Electronica EM25 along with Japanese Yamaha and Roland grooveboxes and also samples digitized from Soviet vinyl records to create nine-tracker Altair. Naturally naming your release after one of

C.J.PLUS: B-Boy’s Boogie (2015)

B-Boy's Boogie C.J. PlusRating: ★★★★★ Ukrainian producer C.J. Plus might be from the city of Odessa but the file says he’s spiritually from the Bronx. And how are the monkey’s secret intelligence service aware of this? Because all the evidence displays our man getting his B-boy stance very convincingly on for this original six-tracker, aided and abetted on three