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TREMENDO Vol. 3: Various (2012)

Er, yeah – so this should’ve been posted last week. If you didn’t know, the man behind the Tremendo label is Spanish ghetto funker Telephunken. That’s Señor Telephunken to you. Or Senor Tremendo. Sounds like a magician – which is apt since his first trick, I mean track, (well – it is his label) is to sample Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name – just in

GRAND SLAM: Lifetimers For The Funk – 2011

I’ll be the first to admit that if someone told me they’d heard a new single from a German band who’d been around since 1985, I’d be a bit worried. It’s not an issue of nationality, or even longevity, you understand – more the fear of a German band formed in the middle of the devil’s decade sounding like The Scorpions. Or worse, Munchener Freiheit. Not to worry though, Grand Slam play funk.

MANMADE RECORDS: Feature Funk Vol. 7 – 2011

A game of two halves this one. The A side consists of label bosses CMC & Silenta continuing to sidestep predictability with an disco-breaks/ wobbly-bassed/ big female vox-powered cut that seems to have been formulated solely for the purpose of convincing those formerly enamoured of house music that, yes, the nu/ ghetto funk scene has something for them. I certainly didn’t expect that.