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BUSTA RHYMES: Get Down (LEYGO remix)(2016) Free download

Get Down BUsta Rhymes Leygo remixRating: ★★★★★ Every now and then I like to check in at Leygo-land – or at least at Dave ‘Leygo‘ Tyers’ Soundcloud page – for the superior entertainment on offer. This is a case in point – a massive remix of Busta Rhymes’ decidedly minimal Get Down – the original of which was barely more than a tom-tom drum beat and the sounds of swamp fauna – albeit (presumably) expensively

JSTAR: Woo Tempo (2014) Free download

Woo Tempo JStarJStar‘s feeling the love this summer so he’s releasing a classic big reggae-hip-hop mashup into the wild. Originally just a ‘friends and family’ ‘thank you’ for supporting his LP Licensed Plates, Woo Tempo finds Busta Rhymes getting his rap mode flipped over King Tubby’s Tempo riddim. That’s 92 bpm of heavyweight activity at full AIFF quality. He’s got you all in check! Cop it below, don’t forget

COCKNEY NUTJOB: Liar (2013) video

Rating: ★★★★★ Cockney Nutjob‘s back with his best drop yet – massive hybrid hip-hop/ ghetto funk booty Liar. Biggie, Busta, Mack, Rampage, Skull Snaps’ It’s A New Day break, an epic organ loop, stabs of warping b-line – and a psychedelic bridge…should put some flava in ya ear. What’s more, it should turn the party out good and proper

COCKNEY NUTJOB: Woo Hah!! Remix (2012) Free download

Cockney Nutjob does a fine job of a ghetto funking-up Busta Rhymes’ debut solo single from all the way back in ’96. Curious how the memory works – I always remembered the original as being quite full-on but when I listened to it after hearing this it had all the impact of being smacked in the face with cotton wool. Perhaps it was the video with Rhymes’ face – well – all up in your face – that gave it an illusory impression of lairyness. No need