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HERMA PUMA: Busta Lockdown (Free download)

HERMA PUMA:  Busta Lockdown (Free download)Can’t get enough of that Herma Puma production eh? Welcome to Part Two of today’s Herma Puma news with mash-up Busta Lockdown – a.k.a. the zeitgeist-capturing lyrics of Anderson Paak’s Lockdown ‘pella spliced with the slinky Buddah/ Shamello-produced beat for Busta Rhymes’ Put Your Hands Where My Eyes could see. Since Paak sounds vaguely

GREGG GREEN: Propaganda (Prod. HERMA PUMA)

GREGG GREEN:  Propaganda (Prod. HERMA PUMA)In Part 1 of today’s Herma Puma news we find the UK production outfit team up again with Brooklyn MC Gregg Green (following Green’s turn on The Bob Ross EP in 2016) for new single Propaganda. For this one, HP (essentially now just a one man show consisting of Pimpernel Jones), has created a 94 bpm boom-bap beat featuring excerpts of a wistful female vocal. Meanwhile, Green spends the