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SOULS OF MISCHIEF/ Bukue One/ Serendipity Project – Free downloads

Souls Of Mischief, Bukue One and Serendipity Project are all currently on the ‘Ice Cold Tour’. In conjunction with this each artist has an unreleased track available for free download – follow the links:
Bukue One – LikeyaKnow
Serendipity Project – Hits
Souls Of Mischief – Tour Stories

Download information would suggest the forthcoming Souls Of Mischief LP will be called Montezuma’s Revenge. Let’s hope it’s the shit…

Souls Of Mischief – Myspace

Bukue One – Myspace

Serendipity Project – Myspace

DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN – Leak Pack Vol. 2 – Free download

Del’s Leak Pack Vol 2 has just dropped – still not sure about that name – I got a new baby and free downloads is the last thing that springs to mind when I hear the words ‘leak’ and ‘pack’ together. This time round, you get Del, A Plus (Souls Of Mischief) and Bukue One representing the west coast, and the ‘Ol Jersey Bastard himself – Tame One – repping the east. That works out to five free tracks in all – since Del’s generosity knows no bounds and like your friendly local hip-hop peddlers of yore he bungs in an extra one to keep you sweet. Chek!

His Voice – Bukue One by Del The Funky Homosapien

Del The Funky Homosapien – Myspace

Bukue One – Myspace

A Plus – Myspace

Tame One – Myspace