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BRYX feat. CORB LUND: Gravedigger (2014) + video

Gravedigger BryxBombstrikes producer Bryx and country star Corb Lund (of the Hurtin’ Albertans) getting together! What are the chances? One can only speculate as to how such a genre-quake occurred. Maybe it was like this, one afternoon down at the rodeo – er – I mean studio:
Bryx (B): Say Corb?
Corb Lund (CL): Yes Bryx?

BRYX: The Check EP (2014)

The Check BryxNext up on Bombstrikes is this precision attack from a Canadian producer you with whom you might be familiar. Bryx. And doesn’t he drop four right on you with The Check EP. First out of the bomb bay is the Ghetto-Portishead Loves Me collab with Neon Steve. Pop That is up next with a deceptively light skanking intro which soon gives way to full-on synth snarl. Check It sticks with

TREMENDO Vol. 1: Various (2011)

Telephunken drops the first release on his own label Tremendo here and it’s eight floor fillers from across the ghetto funk/ funky breaks spectrum from the likes of his own bad self, Stickybuds, The Captain, Tom Drummond, Bobby C Sound TV, Bryx, The Breakbeat Junkie and Ursula 1000. Basically you’re supplied with ammunition for virtually every style of breaks dj occasion: you’ve got your