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THE BLACK KEYS: Brothers – 2010 – Album review

Rating: ★★★★☆

Continuing the ‘short’ theme of late as the monkey catches up with a backlog, today’s guest review style is that of shit, free, UK newspaper Metro. Obviously, this review is literate though…
Much has been made of the fact that for this LP the band availed themselves of the legendary soul studios at Muscle Shoals to lay down their latest offering of scuzzy blues-fuzz. There’ll no doubt be wordy analyses of The Black Keys’ Brothers all over the interweb but why waste time suffering the pretension when it can be pithily summed up as having (on the one hand) the subtler melodies of the Dangermouse-produced last LP Attack & Release rather than the instant-fix hooks of the first three LPs, while (on the other hand) they’ve gone back to sounding like they recorded the whole thing in Victorian public toilet. Or to put it another way, better overall than (say) the largely dirge-like Magic Potion but lacks a Your Touch.

There you go, shorter than a Guardian single review and frees you up an extra 20 seconds to check your email again, deny some shit application access to your Facebook account or just look at porn. Or something.

Listen to The Black Keys – Brothers

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THE BLACK KEYS: Brothers LP release details + tracklist + listen to ‘Tighten Up’

Scuzzy, groovy blues rock on the way alert! Despite the apparent lack of an official internet press release, the last few weeks have seen details trickling out about a new Black Keys LP (Brothers LP review HERE) and then suddenly this week, Zane Lowe gets his hands on album track Tighten Up, produced by Dangermouse (giving it a certain bounce to each ounce) – and to which you can have a listen below. The monkey has read all that other stuff so you don’t have to and basically the important bits are that it’s released 18 May on Nonesuch, contains 15 tracks all produced by Carney and Auerbach (except the aforementioned Tighten Up) and was recorded at Muscle Shoals! According to Billboard “the album is highlighted by ‘Next Girl’, a Zeppelin-y blast of fuzzed-out guitar, and ‘Howlin’ for You’, which features a “da da da” chant and a drum beat akin to Gary Glitter’s glam-rock classic ‘Rock and Roll (Part Two)’”. According to theblackkeysfanlounge, ‘new single ‘Howlin’ For You’ will be released on Record Store Day in the USA on 17 April 2010.

The Back Keys – Brothers – Tracklist:
01. Everlasting Light
02. Next Girl
03. Tighten Up
04. Howlin’ For You
05. She’s Long Gone
06. Black Mud
07. The Only One
08. Too Afraid to Love You
09. Ten Cent Pistol
10. Sinister Kid
11. The Go Getter
12. I’m Not the One
13. Unknown Brother
14. Never Gonna Give You Up
15. These Days

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