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FUNKIN BASSTARDS: Drop The Mirrorball

FUNKIN BASSTARDS: Drop The MirrorballWith a title like Drop The Mirrorball and cover art like that, you can probably already sense that this is the second disco-friendly payload today – in this case from Funkin Basstards. The four-tracker is the second BBP EP this year and also the duo’s second for the label. A mainly vocal affair, it finds four-to-the floor music shatter in a variety of directions. Sofia Kamina features on two tracks –

ZERO THE DESK: The Secret Edits Volume 1

ZERO THE DESK: The Secret Edits Volume 1New from Bulabeats, it’s chunky breaks package The Secret Edits Volume 1 from the mysteriously-named Zero The Desk – quite possibly the nom-de-plume of a certain Mr Pluse given that the drum patterns and sounds on offer here are his signature. Whatever the truth of the matter, this producer steps on you again by chopping up a notorious Madchester anthem over clattery beats


New single Vibes Master sees Bazza Ranks and Dynamite MC hook up once more almost exactly a year since the last time the monkey posted about them – funnily enough – with Don’t Let It Pass. While that was a 45 though, this is a strickly digi-affair available in five different flavours including the original. Or at least their unremixed cover of a certain 90s anthem. This one’s all about the

CALIBRO 35: Momentum

CALIBRO 35: MomentumIf Calibro 35’s previous LP, 2018’s Decade, marked something of a watershed in what was the tenth year of their career, so, apparently does new one Momentum.  The band put it like this, “If Decade was the sum of everything…in the previous ten years, Momentum is the prequel of what you will hear in the next ten.” And they do have something of a point. Not only does the new album feature

BOCA 45: Powerful (feat. HANNAH WILLIAMS)/ Sparky Evans (2020 Donuts # 1)(Vinyl 7″)

BOCA 45: Powerful (feat. HANNAH WILLIAMS)/ Sparky (Vinyl 7Who’s this hard-charging straight into February with his Powerful/ Sparky Evans 45 – the first in a strictly limited series called 2020 Donuts? It’s Boca 45 of course, championing the vinyl 7″ as ever with one track that sounds like it was named after a soul sister and one that features one. The latter, Powerful, is the A-side and finds the Jay-Z-sampled Hannah Williams give it large about corrupt leaders over a conga-tastic beat that veers


INNEREYEFULL feat. KURNEL MC: Music Is AliveA couple of months since last single, Night Of The Living Bass Bins (and less than that before the new LP) comes the next Innereyefull single, Music Is Alive, which again suggests a varied and impressive album in the offing. The trademark bass rumble is in full effect once more though while it was employed to dubby effect on the previous one, this time around it underpins a


MR BRISTOW & BENNY SILVER: Stupid EPLast heard of touting their wares as a duo nearly a full five years ago, Mr Bristow and Benny Silver return this month with their new Stupid EP.
“What’s stupid about it?”
Nothing – that’s the EP’s name!
What’s the EP’s name?”
Not what; Stupid.

STEPPIN’ TONES: The Feeling Is Mutant

STEPPIN' TONES:  The Feeling Is MutantThe last, but by no means least, of a flurry of releases (mainly albums – hence the long lead before posting) that arrived on the monkey’s virtual doormat over the seasonal period was Steppin’ Tones’ long player, The Feeling Is Mutant. A man who definitely doesn’t have the profile he should do, Mr Tones is a dope mash-up king and maker of good-time big beat breaks in the old


PULPFUSION: From A Kid To A ManYet another project that dropped in the festive season and was thus in danger of getting lost amid all the nonsense that such a season entails is the From A Kid To A Man LP from a man who has been off the monkey radar for a long minute – Pulpfusion. Nevertheless, Terence Thoeny (for it is he) dropped this instrumental opus of fourteen tracks (plus three bonus cuts if you cop it on his

TIMEWARP INC: Theory Of Revolution LP

TIMEWARP INC: Theory Of Revolution LPTheory Of Revolution?  Could use one of those in the UK since we’ve forgotten how to identify the corrupt, let alone do something about them. Maybe we should all boogie while everything burns down and if so, what better soundtrack than Timewarp Inc.’s fourth studio long-player? And what a mammoth affair Theory Of Revolution is, tipping the scales at a whopping nineteen tracks