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79.5: Boy Don’t Be Afraid (7″ vinyl) + ‘Predictions’ LP announced

79.5:  Boy Don't Be Afraid (7Yes, Boy Don’t Be Afraid was out before but with Brooklyn’s 79.5 (yet another jewel in Big Crown Records’ already jewel-encrusted – er – crown) announcing that they’re releasing debut LP, Predictions, in September, it seemed like the right time to put it out again, albeit with slight modifications. Thus label boss, Leon Michels (for it is he) has nudged the bpms down a smidgin

79.5: Boy Don’t Be Afraid (2017)

Big Crown continue to show the way forward in pop music with their find 79.5 whose new single Boy Don’t Be Afraid is the second to be drawn from the soon come Predictions album. It seems to come from an alternative 2017 in which drum machines, autotune and house music have never been invented and dance bands still like guitars, use live organic drum breaks and hark back to the