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BASEMENT FREAKS: ‘Booty Shackin’ DJ Mix (2014) Free download

Booty Shackin DJ mix Basement FreaksIn internet time, posting about Basement Freaks‘ latest Dj mix two weeks after it dropped is akin to the media reporting Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination in Sarajevo like it’s breaking news. But then two weeks ago was also when Vol. 4 of the latest MB mixtape came out and shit was a little busy round here. Never mind – World War 1 is going to be a big topic this year, if not a new one

BASEMENT FREAKS: Funk From The Trunk (2013) + Booty Shackin’ Free download

You can count on one hand the number of key players in the forging of the ghetto funk scene who actually had an album of anything out prior to that scene’s creation. But George Fotiadis a.k.a Basement Freaks was one of them. Even so, the funky, latin, afro, nujazz, chilled breaks of his debut Urban Jungle were a far cry from the warping synth-bass line/ breakbeat monsters (of which BF