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BOOTY FRUIT: Proper Produce Volume 5 (2012)

It’s rich pickings among the breaks section of the bass music market this December and Booty Fruit’s stall is no exception. Volume 5 of their Proper Produce series offers quality fare that steers clear of wobble ‘funk’ and vends hip-hop, funk and reggae influenced numbers instead. Mr Fresh, for example, is true to his name keeping things all hip-hop and mo’ fruity. Then there’s Lone Drum’s Minnie which

BIG M presents: Nev Scott & Waynessential – Carryin On (2012)

Never ones to fire out a single release if they’ve got two in the chamber, Big M’s second drop this month finds Nev Scott & Wayenessential on a mash-up tip. First into the blender is Ike and Tina’s funk-soul cut Cussin’, Cryin And Carryin On. On the original, Tina belted out the words, “My daddy told me a long long time ago/ Never take candy from a stranger/ I should have thought about that when I

MAKO & THE HAWK: ‘Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man’ video (2012) + free download

Bloody hell – it’s been a long minute since these two had anything out and now suddenly, out of the blue, here’s Mako & The Hawk with a brand new video for the first track they ever made – the as-played-on-Craig-Charles-Funk-&-Soul-Show, long-ago-maxed-out-on-soundcloud, Ain’t No Other Big Boss Man. It’s a straight-up, party breaks, mash-up banger of Christina Aguilera’s retro rnb hit Ain’t No

DJ MONEYSHOT: Jehovah’s Witness (DJ Moneyshot’s Boot) (2011) Free download

Heads up as Moneyshot cracks one out for Christmas here in the shape of Jehovah’s Witness. Far from being someone who knocks on your door with a copy of The Watchtower at an unreasonably early hour of a Saturday morning while you’re still suffering from the night before, this Jehovah’s Witness is a combo of J-Hova a.k.a. the Jiggaman a.k.a. Jay-Z’s Izzo beat and one Roots Manuva’s

ALDO VANUCCI: Party Breaks Vol. 2 – EP (2011) + ‘Mysterious Sneakers’ free download

‘Fatboy Slim’s crate digger’ Aldo Vanucci, known far and wide as Plymouth’s 14th best DJ, is back and this time, Matthew, he’s come as pop slag. Is that Sean Paul I can hear? Crooklyn Clan? A bit of Duck Sauce? KC & The Sunshine Band? Yup, it all goes in the blender with some rather large beats. Vanucci, you have no shame. When playing out, out, it’s probably best to save these until everyone’s

CHART – FEB. 2011

1. (NEW) Malcolm & Martin – Sista Big Butt
Big-ass track off a big-ass album…MORE


CHART – JAN. 2011

1. (NEW) Capitol 1212 – Good Feelin’
Big posse cut from Scots duo featuring Mike G and Dizzy Dustin…MORE