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QUARTER STREET: Fantasia (2015) + Video + title track ltd. free download

Fantasia Quarter StreetWhat do you reckon the chances are of an Australian group in 2015 being able to get anywhere close to sounding like the Fania giants of yore in a way that hitherto few aside from Ray Lugo have? The answer is pretty damn close as it happens – say ‘hello’ to Quarter Street, the Melbourne-based four-piece core of Latin-American heritage whose full-length debut

PAZ ANTIGUANA: Surfing The Channel (HIPHOPPAPOTAMUS remix) (2015) Free download

Surfing The Channel Paz Antiguana HiphoppapotamusHiphoppapotamus gets on a drum n boogaloo tip with his sprightly remix of Surfing The Channel from Parisian boogaloo outfit Paz Antiguana. Surfing the channel? I do hope they’re not referring to ‘La Manche’ – that veritable surfers’ paradise ‘twixt the UK and France famous for mile after mile of stony beach break and set after set of six inch-high fuel-and-sewage-rich straighthanders

MORLACK: Boogaloo EP (2012)

“Richie, would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me, please?” Yeah. That got your attention didn’t it? It’s a sample that certainly got mine when I was listening to the title track at the start of Morlack’s new Boogaloo EP. Boogaloo? Oh what – like the funky mambo/ soul hybrid? Um – no – not exactly. Oh…well perhaps something to do with Electric Boogaloo by Ollie & Jerry then…?


With the debut single from this (Swingy Boogaloo) in the wings, the full album itself, Mi Watusi, is due to drop a month later and finds Ray Lugo in full salsa caliente de New York mode channelling the spirits of the likes of Ray Barretto, The Lebron Brothers and king Tito. Honestly, it’s like the golden era of Fania Records resurrected.