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Those bad boys at Discipull Clothing have released two new t-shirt designs for November and bodyboard DVD House of Cards is also out.

New in Discipull’s t-shirt range are The Experiment (see below, top left) and Taste The Rainbow – (below, top right). Also pictured too are the Good Time Skull and the Discipull Crest. All four designs come in alternative colours.

As if that wasn’t enough, Discipull (core bodyboarders that they are) have recently released the House Of Cards DVD. Two and a bit years in the making, it features both UK and foreign sections – get yourself a sneaky preview via the vid below the t-shirt designs.

All t-shirts and the DVD are available from the Discipull shop online – see links below. So there you have it – a company that provides you with the means to look rad while looking at something rad. Can’t say fairer than that…unless you ride a plank of course – in which case you’re bound to find something to moan about.


FUMANCHU CLOTHING – New T-shirt designs!!!

Fumanchu Clothing are based in Hawaii and they do the dopest t-shirts on the planet – just check the designs below! Big in U.S. hip-hop circles, and they certainly used to be big in Australian bodyboarding circles, they’re also criminally difficult to get hold of outside of the U.S. (except via mail order) though the Monkey did manage to score one on a surf trip to Sydney once. Someone hook them up with a UK supplier – my Fumanchu Athletic T is nearly worn out!

Fumanchu Clothing – Myspace