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DISCIPULL CLOTHING: Summer 2009 range

Everyone knows that bodyboaders are more hardcore than stand-up plankers – after all – who always surfs those breaks that ‘can’t be surfed’ first? You’d have thought the tee-shirt buying public would much rather be associated with such a gnarly sport and spend less of their money on Sillybong and Richcurl products. Maybe they just aren’t aware of the good shit that’s out there – talking of which – here is some of the latest fruity goodness to drop from the bountiful design tree of Discipull Clothing – four hot t-shirt designs, ‘core dvd Brushed Aside and – um – a picture of the boys hard at work.

GRAND FLAVOUR: Summer 2009 Collection

Aussie clothing co. Grand Flavour have their new Summer (read ‘winter’ for the northern hemisphere) 2009 collection out and pretty fresh it’s looking too. Run by bodyboarders (including world champ Ben Player), Grand Flavour set out to avoid what they call, “…the choked-out corporate identity of a cigar smokin’ fat man looking for your green.” Monkeyboxing.com ain’t gonna argue with that philosophy but is prepared to make a guess that grey and yellow is this year’s black. The designs below will give you a ‘flavour’ of what GF are all about in 2009 and if you want to see more t-shirts, cargo shorts and a brave attempt to revive the ‘short’ boardshort or get your hands on these threads – head over to the grandflavour.com where the store finder will hook you up. Allegedly you can even get this stuff in the bodyboard-clothing desert that is the UK.