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BOCAWOODY feat. BLURUM 13: Jump 7″ (2017)

Bocawoody feat. BLURUM 13:  Jump 7Rating: ★★★★★ If Bocawoody (a.k.a Boca 45 and DJ Woody) had to release one single off their rather good recent Carousel LP, it would have to be this one. Which is convenient because they have and it is this one. And it slots right in there with recent 7″ golden era hip-hop bumps from like-minds Krafty Kuts & Chali 2Na and Mako & The Hawk feat. Chima Anya. In other words, it

BOCAWOODY: Carousel (2017) Ltd. vinyl LP & 7″ bundle + Jump video

Ah Carousel! Once your thirtieth birthday comes around, that clear crystal in your palm turns red, you put on those white robes and hockey mask and get whirled up to the big meat grinder in the ceiling. Oh wait – no – sorry that’s Carrousel with two ‘r’s on Logan’s Run. This Carousel is the new twelve-track album from Bocawoody a.k.a Boca 45 and DJ Woody with quite a bit of help from

BOCAWOODY (BOCA 45 and DJ WOODY): NW/ SW EP 1 (2016)

NW SW EP 1 BocawoodyTwo English DJs meet in Romania at the airport, having played two completely separate events the night before, discover they have adjacent seats, mutual friends and a mutual liking for each other’s musical output? What are the chances? In Hollywood-land – fairly high: in real life – not so much. Imagine the surprise then of both Bristol legend and vinyl hero Boca 45 and world