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BMD: Nickelodeon (2017)

All the B’s in breaks tonight as it turns out that former Tru Funker BMD‘s got a new breaks single in the offing as well as Badboe. In this case it’s Nickelodeon, an instrumental mix of squelchy 70s guitars and wobbling synth bass over relentless drums. Putting a coin in the remix slot are D.End, who ups the wobble, and neo-big beater Rory Hoy who drops Godzilla-sized drums and goes

BMD: Funk It Up (2016)

Funk It Up BMDFormer Tru:Funker BMD is back in the production seat with new single Funk It Up. In fact not so much ‘funk it up’ as ‘big beat it up’ as he goes hell-for-leather after the sound that once defined the Heavenly Social club – pounding uptempo breaks and a 90s take on the kind of noise that post-punks ESG used to make in the clubs of NYC back in the early 80s. Of course – that does bring

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 8 (2015)

Tasty Beats Vol. 8 Tru FunkThe latest round of Tru:Funk action, Tasty Beats Vol. 8 finds usual suspect Warson joined by Tosses & Varvez, Bang N Mash, Cez 14 and BMD. Warson gets low with a bit of Lil Jon and a beat channeling 90s soul, Bang N Mash marry King Bee with House Of Pain, Cez 14 chessboxes the Wu onto a beat that is equal parts INXS and New Jack Swing on No Job, Drugs & Gun and the bonus cut is BMD’s

BMD: Funky Chops (2015)

Funky Chops BMDIt’s been time since BMD released any original fonky music so his having some Funky Chops a-sizzlin’ is well overdue and damn if he isn’t back with exactly that next week on his new label XLNT Records. The title track fries up a blistering syncopated drum intro after which rumbling bass, crybaby wah and keys pitch in till it’s like party time at the Bar-Kays house. Max Sugar strips

TRU FUNK: Party Breaks: Essential Selection (2013)

In today’s internet-era, the public’s appetite for interesting ‘stuff’ is voracious and their memory of said ‘stuff’ so short that they’ve practically forgotten whatever it was they gawping/ listening/ mooing at in the second it took them to ‘swim’ from one side of the digital fishbowl to the other. Plus the amount of ‘stuff’ out there keeps increasing exponentially. In this environment, any record company that fails to market effectively is a

BMD: Funky Beats & Re-Edits (2013)

The Tru:Funk label’s commander-in-chief is DJ/ Producer BMD and damn if he hasn’t marshalled his forces for a second full-length onslaught on dancefloors with Funky Beats & Re-Edits. Now I don’t know about you but that’s the sort of title that leads me to suspect an album that’ll contain some funky beats and some re-edits and hey – guess what..?