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BOCAWOODY: Carousel (2017) Ltd. vinyl LP & 7″ bundle + Jump video

Ah Carousel! Once your thirtieth birthday comes around, that clear crystal in your palm turns red, you put on those white robes and hockey mask and get whirled up to the big meat grinder in the ceiling. Oh wait – no – sorry that’s Carrousel with two ‘r’s on Logan’s Run. This Carousel is the new twelve-track album from Bocawoody a.k.a Boca 45 and DJ Woody with quite a bit of help from

THE ALLERGIES: Kicking Up Dust EP (2015) + God Walked Down video

Kicking Up Dust EP The AllergiesNormally it’s kicking up the dust that’s likely to bring on the allergies but what happens if The Allergies bring on Kicking Up The Dust? Allow Dr Monkey to explain. Preliminary symptoms are likely to involve involuntary bodily twitching which may develop into a full-blown movement towards the dancefloor as a result of a combined exposure to a gospel-soul stomp, a groovy disco biscuit, a

FRAMEWORKS & BLURUM13: The Brickbuilders EP (2012) + album teaser free download

“BluRum! BluRum! BluRum! ” “We want you to play with us Danny. For ever and ever and…” – oh wait – hang on- that was ‘Redrum’ wasn’t it? No dismembered limbs here, more loose-limbed hip-hop from what has become a time-honoured guarantee of funkiness – the US emcee/ UK producer team-up – in this case NY rapper Blurum13 and Manchester Dj/Producer