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SCREECHY DAN & BLUNTSKULL:  Keep Doin It The new one from Brooklyn Dancehall veteran Screechy Dan finds him hooking up with producer and known 90s reggae-boom-bap fiend Bluntskull so it’s no surprise that Keep Doin It should strip things back to the time-honoured recipe of the kick, the snare and the double bass all at around a 100bpm tempo. Elsewhere, Cut La Vis keeps doin it inna old school dancehall stylee, Rukus in a new

BLUNTSKULL feat. BURRO BANTON: Gwan Like Dem Bad (2016)

Gwan Like Dem Bad Bluntskull Burro BantonLooks like a single release for Gwan Like Dem Bad then – i.e. the opening cut from Bluntskull‘s excellent Blunt Force EP from a couple of years back. The original finds Burro Banton riding Bluntskull’s Melvin Bliss-driven riddim with all the necessary aplomb to nice up the hip-hop dance in a classic 90s stylee. Then there’s the three remixes. DJ Vadim gwan like ‘im making beats for

BLUNTSKULL: The Blunt Force EP (2010)

Blunt Force BluntskullRating: ★★★★★ Waaarning! Reggae boom-bap alert as Bluntskull delivers heavy trauma to the dancefloor with his Blunt Force EP! It’s all about the 90s bashment feel as the man unleashes a trio of cuts built around muscular sampled breaks like so much armoured cladding. Opener Gwan Like Dem Bad finds our man very much gwan like him bad with Melvin Bliss’s mighty Synthetic

BLUNTSKULL: Straight Raggamuffin Hip-hop Mixtape (2014) Free download

Raggamuffin Hip-hop mixtape BluntskullUp for a bit of raggamuffin hip-hop? Approximately an hour of it? It’s your lucky day. Dancehall boom-bap afficionado Bluntskull has put together just over fifty eight minutes of early 90s classics and liberally dispersed among them numerous dubplates and mashups of his own – inna same same stylee. Naturally Cutty Ranks makes a number of appearances but look out too for Bounty

VARIOUS: Ragga Party Jams Vol. 8 (2013)

Not ones to lie idle while all and sundry are knocking out bass-filled reggae booty, Dirty Dubsters fire up the engines at Dirty Dubster Digital again for Ragga Party Jams Vol. 8. What do you fancy? Bit of old school breakbeat ragga? How about a Bluntskull‘s blend of some toasting over Clyde Stubblefield’s ubiquitous Funky Drummer break topped with that mournful trumpet off

BLUNTSKULL feat. BLACKOUT JA: Bus It In 2 (2012)

In which Bluntskull drops some heavyweight dancehall action. In order to properly facilitate maximum bass vibes on Bus It In 2 he enlists the help of Bristolian dancehall vocalist Blackout JA. Blackout obliges with a vocal that sounds like half a ton of gravel sliding off the back of a tip-up truck and which, for all I know, is an extended and well-deserved tirade against Bristol’s notoriously overpriced and unreliable public transport network