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PROF: Motel (2015) Video

Motel ProfHotel, motel, whatcha gonna do today? Well, if you’re Rhymesayers rapper Prof and you’ve just finished a month-long tour of your latest album, you make a video of your track, Motel, on which you sing the blues (rather well and not just ‘well for a rapper’) about the lonely and the dispossessed hooking up in a sleazy motel for sex. Then you make a video showing those same

GREG BLACKMAN: I Can Tell (2015)

I Can Tell Greg BlackmanRating: ★★★★★ Well I woke up this morning…and raspy-voiced blue-eyed soul-man Greg Blackman was in my inbox. Not literally of course, it was this track which goes all the way back to basics with GB’s latest showcase for that voice, I Can Tell. It all starts off relatively innocently with a clav, some synth claps and minor lyrical suspicions about another half but before you know it things have

EMMA BEATSON: OBK Sessions (2015)

OBK Sessions Emma BeatsonEmma Beatson – that name rings a bell. Ah yes, wasn’t there an exclusive Mako & The Hawk remix of the Hawkmen’s version of her Do It on the last-but-one Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club comp? Yes, there was! Said track found the Parisian chanteuse in fine northern soul-y mode which, as a listen to the preview of the OBK Sessions reveals is not nearly the sum of her

HEYMOONSHAKER: UK Tour + ‘Colly Drop’ video (2013)

Something a little bit different here – MB readers may remember news of Heymoonshaker‘s Shakerism EP back in the spring accompanied by a quite staggering video of the boys – in particular beatboxer Dave Crowe grandstanding (as well he might) – live in public on Brick Lane. Anyway, there’s another video out for the closing track on the EP – Colly Drop. Now, if you’re a blues guitarist

DON CAVALLI: Temperamental (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Five years down the line from last LP Cryland and funky bluesman Don Cavalli has clearly made another crossroads deal with Satan in order to create the equally brief and equally brilliant Temperamental. For those not familiar with the Don, what he likes to do on record is rock up, provide extremely funky delta blues with vocals in sung in English (with an American blues rasp and

VARIOUS: Electro Blues Vol. 1 (2013) + CD mini-mix 1 & 2

Electro blues? As in ‘like electro swing’? As in take old blues music and sample it or remix it with some form of electronic dance music beat which – on the evidence of Electro Blues Vol. 1 – is statistically likely to be a breakbeat? Er – yeah pretty much. Hmm – blues and breaks. Blues-breaks. John Mayall’s blues breakers. Funnily enough – he’s on here – courtesy of The Empire Fantastic which finds

HEYMOONSHAKER: Shakerism (2013)

I don’t know. The pair of you head down to the crossroads to sell your soul to the devil and in return he gives one of you guitar skills and a raspy blues voice and makes the other one a highly proficient beatboxer. A beatboxer?!!
“Hey Lucifer!”
Heymoonshaker – what’s good?”
“We’re supposed to be bluesmen – what’s all this