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BLOWN CELEB: ‘Marathon Man’ video (2013)

If your band is called Blown Celeb and your track Marathon Man is not about how long you last in bed, some people might view that as a missed opportunity. But nothing is quite what it seems here. For a start the producer behind the hypnotic porn-rap beat is Ugly Duckling’s Young Einstein of all people – though when one rapper, Jon E Rockwell (a.k.a Roc Holliday), is unmasked as Dizzy

BLOWN CELEB: 1000 Screaming Kamikaze’s (2012)

You might not have heard of rappers Swiss Precise and Jon E Rockwell who together form Blown Celeb but you’ll almost certainly have heard of Rockwell from his day job as Dizzy Dustin of Long Beach’s old school party hip-hop crew Ugly Duckling. Blown Celeb is Dizzy’s side project and 1000 Screaming Kamikaze’s (let’s not talk about that apostrophe right now) is their debut album. Many will know of UD’s nearly two decades long

KAMIKAZI AIRLINES: ‘Now Boarding…’ Mix CD – Free download

You know what? I don’t think this has had enough props yet. For one thing, it slipped under my radar in the summer and I keep an eye out for this type of shit! The short version is that MC Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling set up his own hip-hop label a couple of years back and this mixtape showcases twenty three tracks from the talent including Dizzy’s own side project, Blown Celeb. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of Blown Celeb and The Argyle Pimps (among others) – it’s high time you clicked the download link below.