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THE BONGOLIAN: Harlem Hipshake + video

THE BONGOLIAN:  Harlem HipshakeRating: ★★★★★ When The Bongolian’s most recent LP, Harlem Hipshake, arrived last autumn it was quite obviously a goldmine for singles. By some way the monkey’s favourite Bongolian LP ever, it channels the funky Latin sounds of late 60s/ early 70s sound of New York and few tracks more magnificently than the title track. This monster begins with just the faintest shades of Pete

BIG BOSS MAN: Changing Faces (2015)

Changing Faces Big Boss ManRating: ★★★★★ Did someone say Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake? Well who wouldn’t if they looked in the mirror expecting to see themself i.e. ‘Robert Neville,’ but the image kept morphing from Vincent Price to Charlton Heston to Will Smith? Come again? It’s Changing Faces – the latest single from retro-apocalyptic concept LP Last Man On Earth by funky UK mod-squad Big Boss Man of course

FAY HALLAM & THE BONGOLIAN: Dancing (2012) Free download + ‘Lost In Sound’ LP update

Here’s a free hook-up between Fay Hallam and Nasser ‘The Bongolian’ Bouzida to cultivate some publicity in the run-up to the release of full LP Lost In Sound on 14 May this year. Dancing unites Bouzida’s ‘latter-day Alan Hawkshaw’ organ fire, funky breaks and percussion with Hallam’s latter-day Dusty Springfield-crossed-with-nineties-Brit-pop vocals to create a sixties/nineties hybrid