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BIG BOSS MAN: Return Of Baron Samedi

BIG BOSS MAN:  Return Of Baron SamediHow’s this for a triple return? Big Boss Man are back, with a heavy bongo n organ-laced track called Return Of Baron Samedi marking a return to things funky after a couple of LPs which have been pretty much exclusively sixties guitar fuzz and R&B-focussed. And that’s only the beginning of the good news for Return Of Baron Samedi is but the B-side to Juju Funk which the monkey has been given to understand will be teased in a

THE BONGOLIAN: Harlem Hipshake

THE BONGOLIAN: Harlem HipshakeRating: ★★★★★ Looks like everyone’s been saving up all their album-length dope for the end of the year because here’s another spectacular long-playing autumn release in the shape of new Bongolian LP – Harlem Hipshake. This thirteen-tracker is the follow-up to 2016’s Moog Maximus and if that was all about exploring the potential of the Moog in all its glory, this one takes its cues

THE BONGOLIAN: I’m A Bigger Badder Bro Than Any Game Of Thrones (2017)

THE BONGOLIAN:  I'm A Bigger Badder Bro Than Any Game Of Thrones (2017)Where to start with The Bongolian’s new single I’m A Bigger Badder Bro Than Any Game Of Thrones then? The Targaryen-level craziness of the title, that seems to invoke a drunken fratboy challenge to George RR Martin, maybe? The Delia Derbyshire-on-milk-of-the-poppy Moog antics that characterise most of the track? The fact that the whole thing waltzes along a psychedelic knife edge on one side of which lies

THE BONGOLIAN: Googa Mama (2016)

Googa Mama The BongolianGloriously euphoric retro organ riffs, soul-boogaloo breaks and bongos? Sounds like Winner-era Big Boss Man! Hardly surprising really given that The Bongolian (a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist Nasser Bouzida) is also one of the founder members of Big Boss Man. But here we also have ‘live’ crowd-cheering sounds, a mental Moog wig-out in the middle and female vocals chanting a ‘Gimme that

BIG BOSS MAN: Crimson 6Ts (2014)

Crimson 6Ts Big Boss ManBlow Up’s finest, Big Boss Man, cast around their recent excellent fourth LP The Last Man On Earth for more single material and settle on the sixties Soho basement club vibes of…Crimson 6Ts. Packed with the most Georgie Fame-esque of organ riffs and solos, a horn section (where did that come from?) and ‘chank-chank’ guitar, this soul-jazz groover possesses ample retro-mod

BIG BOSS MAN: Last Man On Earth (album) (2014)

Last Man On Earth Big Boss ManRating: ★★★★★ The UK’s mod-liest funk-soul-jazz-rnb-psych-fuzz outfit, Big Boss Man, are back with their fourth LP shortly and have decided to go with the whole concept-album – er – concept. In this case, the apocalyptic ‘last man on earth’ idea. It’s probably why they’ve run with the title The Last Man On Earth. Well – the sixties was a decade where all that hedonism was balanced by the very

BIG BOSS MAN: Last Man On Earth (single)(2014)

Last Man On Earth Big Boss Man(Album review HERE)
60s psych-beat-funk combo Big Boss Man return on 1 September to re-assert their authority over all things modly with fourth full-length LP, Last Man On Earth. In the meantime you’ll just have to, “Say hello, say hel-lo,” (not like Leslie Phillips) to the second single and title track, Last Man On Earth. “He doesn’t know that he’s not alone”, sings Dusty-esque guest vocalist Princess Freesia over